Exceptional Internet Radio

ClassicalRadio.com is a multi-channel internet radio service committed to bringing you an exceptional listening experience through music curation. Whenever, wherever, and whatever you like to listen to, ClassicalRadio.com gives you music to live by.

About ClassicalRadio.com

ClassicalRadio.com was launched in 2016 to bring beautiful classical music to passionate fans around the world. Today we offer 46 channels of curated classical music ranging from the Medieval Period to contemporary performances by todays brightest artists and composers. Our channel selection includes curated selections from the world's most renown composers, a variety of classical periods, favorite instrumentals, theatrical performances, and orchestral works.

Unlike other internet radio companies, we actually have Channel Curators – real people who know good music - for each of our stations. They find the best music in each style and create channels that bring listeners the music they want to hear. ClassicalRadio.com also specializes in curating channels for niche classical segments that are hard to find anywhere else.

In addition to our online listening experience, ClassicalRadio.com will offer mobile applications for iPhone and Android. Listeners can enjoy all of our music for free with advertisements, or can upgrade to ClassicalRadio.com Premium to hear the best quality music with no interruptions.